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Sri Rangan Oil Mill

with love & dedication

Sri rangan oil mill manufactures and supplies a diverse range of Bio-Organic Fertilizers in the market, made from natural materials using traditional techniques. The Bio-Organic Fertilizers are suitable for all types of farming. Having a variety of features, these products are perfect for increasing yield while maintaining health of plant/crop in a natural manner.

Our Organic Fertilizers helps to

Enhance crop yield by 30% - 35%
Restore chemical nitrogen and phosphorus by 20%
Enhance plant growth
Stimulate the soil biologically
Maintain soil fertility
Prevent soil borne diseases

What We Do

We aim to keep the environment clean and produce products that are free of chemicals and pesticides.

Natarul Food

We aim to keep the environment clean, assist farmers to preserve the fertility of the soil and at the same time produce crops that are free of chemicals and pesticides

Biologically Safe

Our fundamental objective is to establish an integrated organic food industry and minimize ecological hazards by converting biodegradable wastes into useful fertilizers that are of enhanced quality.

Conserve Biodiversity

Our Bio-Organic Fertilizers are regularly demanded by farmers and horticulturists all over the world. Moreover, further research is also done to improve the effectiveness of the products while ensuring that no harm occurs to the ecosystem.